Massage Salon Architectural Ideas


A massage salon is a place where a masseuse gives people massage. Different types of people of different ages can get a massage from a massage salon. A massage salon is a place where you can give your feet some love. Massage salons provide different types of massage therapy to different types of people depending on their respective needs. One of the popular types of massage is the Swedish Massage Therapy. This is the most common type of massage that a masseuse gives in gyms, spas and wellness centers.The Swedish massage is based on the concept of anatomy. Another type of massage that can be provided in a massage salon is Aromatherapy. This is a type of massage where the masseuse add scented plant oils known as essential oils to the massage oil used during the massage. Other types of massage includes hot stone massage, deep tissue massage among others.

There are different architectural ideas that can be used in the construction of a massage salon. They include:

1. Creole Cottage Architectural Idea for a Massage Salon:
One of the different types of architectural ideas that can be used in the construction of a massage salon is the creole cottage architectural idea. This is an ancient architectural idea that originates from French and Spanish building construction. This type of architectural construction would greatly beautify a massage salon. There are different types of massage equipment in a massage salon. They include, massage tables and massage chairs. There are various massage chairs that could be found in a massage salon. Among them are Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Human Touch iJoy-2580 Massage Chair among others. To learn more about the best massage chairs that could be found in a massage salon, read Best Massage Chairs Review online.

2. Town House Architectural Idea for a Massage Salon:
The Town House Architectural style is an architectural design that is suitable for a massage salon. The town house architectural style is very common in urban areas. There are different types of massage equipment that can be found in a Town House Architectural style massage salon. They include massage tables, massage oils, massage creams and massage chairs. There are different types of massage chairs that could be found in a massage salon. They include iRobotics 6 Ultimate Medical Massager among others. To learn more about the best massage chairs that could be found in a massage salon, read Best Massage Chairs Review online.

3. Bungalow Architectural Idea for a Massage Salon:
The Bungalow architectural style is another architectural style that is suitable for a massage salon. This is an architectural style that is commonly used in buildings all over the world. There are different types of massage chairs that could be found in a bungalow architectural design massage salon. Among them are Full Body Shiatsu Chair Recliner, Human Touch iJoy-2580, Electric Full Body Shiatsu 06C among others. To learn more about different types of massage chairs that can be found in a massage salon read Best Massage Chairs Review online.

4. Italianate Architectural Idea for a Massage Salon:
The Italianate Architectural Design is another great architectural design for a massage salon. This architectural style is attractive and will make patrons of a massage salon feel more comfortable.


Architect’s love styling the toilet Rooms

Toilet rooms are becoming a modern trend and as the title suggests, many professional architects have developed an interest in and a preference for designing toilet rooms. Today, many architects are also vexed by the placement of a toilet next to the sink, even in the most expensive, custom designed bathrooms.

People have grown accustomed to the arrangement of the sink and toilet being side by side, because that is how they are placed in most traditional homes. Many homeowners feel that it is more cost-effective to have a single, common wet wall, but that is not the case. d7607b5e5c057675d41ec94338bb238d

Why Are Toilet Rooms Gaining Popularity?

Homeowners may not realize or think about it, but toilets next to the sink can hog up a lot of space, especially if it is meant to accommodate any full-grown men in the house. These days, people prefer toilets with elongated bowls so that the men in the house may have more room at the front.

Thus, incorporating a toilet room in a bathroom can actually enhance and improve its layout. This room can actually be designed even if there is less space. As long you have an appropriate idea about the flush toilet to choose, this room can feel and look considerably more spacious than it actually is.

With this layout, the toilet paper can be placed on the right hand side so that it can be comfortably reached. Furthermore, space that is occupied a toilet next to the sink can be taken up by cabinets and countertops that offer extra storage capacity.

Having a separate toilet room inside the bathroom also has its advantages for those who have a partner and/or children. No one has to worry about their shower getting interrupted if someone else needs to go to the loo. Having a separate room with the toilet in it is also a matter of separating everything that a person does while seated on it from the rest of the bathroom.

What Toilet Should You Install Inside A Toilet Room?

If you are still wondering about the flush toilet to choose and you also want to lower your water usage, some very efficient options worth considering include blowout-type water closets and flush-valve technology. These toilets do not have a tank since they do not rely on gravity water flow to clean the toilet, rather they utilize water pressure.

Today, flush valve toilets even include innovative self-contained automatic flush control,which flush automatically by sensing when the user has gotten off the toilet bowl. There are also dual flush toilets that use no more than one gallon of water.
Another option for toilet rooms is to install bidet seats that store water within an internal reservoir or tank and heat up with these tankless water heaters. These toilet systems heat the stored water to the user’s desired temperature setting.


To many, having a separate toilet room inside a bathroom may seem like a matter of personal preferences. However, those who have read the above will likely realize why architects have not only grown fond of designing these toilet rooms, but even advise their clients to upgrade their bathroom to include one.


Best Home grilled foods for architect

Even architects need to eat and we’re sure that they’ve built an appetite. Today we look at some of the best home grilled foods for architects because who would want to leave their beautiful kitchen? As we know grilled foods are better for you and if done right they taste great. Try out different methods of grilling- there are dozen of models available here and they each provide a helps regulate the temperature and different texture (taste depending on the heat usage) .

Braised Rack of Ribs/ Hollow Grill Smokers

Doesn’t underestimate the beautiful look of a juicy, seasoned rack of ribs complete with fresh, in-season vegetables. Take the time to braise the ribs for hours so that when it’s finally time to dig in the meat slides right off the bone. Despite popular belief, a smoker is actually a great way to grill foods if you’re using it similarly to a barbecue. You’ll get that restaurant flavor and feel if you’re willing to take the time to slow cook and allow all of the flavors to come to the forefront.

Grilled Chicken/ Charcoal Barbecue

Who doesn’t love the look of grill marks? They’re so popular that even fast food chains try to imitate them. Why settle for fast when you can get the real thing at home- and it will taste so much better. You can go with a classic chicken leg and let the moisture seep into the seasoned skin or test out high-quality chicken breast meat for that classic grill mark look. Complete your meal with a side salad of your choice and if you’re feeling up to it try the salad and chicken in a wrap.

Pancakes/ Griddle

Who says grilling has to be just for the great outdoors and include only dinner foods? Pick up a high-quality griddle and grill from the comfort of your home. Wake up with your family or loved on and make pancakes on a Sunday morning – you can try out a mix from scratch or purchase a box where you just add water. Be sure to top this breakfast treat with fruit, sauce and other fun toppings like sprinkles and chocolate chips of your choice.

Teriyaki Tofu/ Electric Grill

The world is looking at more flavorful options for meat substitutes and tofu is the perfect base to try. Flavor it with a store bought or homemade teriyaki sauce and grill it at home for more flavor. The same as grilled chicken you can try it in a wrap or choose a unique salad as your side. Unique flavor combinations such as salads that include fruit are always a great option to have beside grilled tofu- try strawberry, apricot or pineapple.

The options are endless for grilled foods that you can enjoy at home. Take the time to find your perfect grilling device and then mix and match your favorite food for a blend of flavors and presentation that you can enjoy at home whether alone, with family or with dinner guests. These here, are just some of the best home grilled foods for architects and with the perfect setting, food and dining experience we have confidence that you’ll make the very best out of all of your meals.


Garment steamer: the most recommended tool for a busy architect

Are  you a bachelor and an architect? An architect with not a million-dollar job but a job that still pays good, a job that requires your mind in the field, contemplating, making maps and taking measures. Are you an architect busy for eternity? So busy that you remember your next meeting but forget whether you had Chinese for lunch or simply a Starbucks coffee, or whether it’s a Monday or a Wednesday?

Suits and Success

Are you working too hard and paving your way up? Yet, something hinders your success every time. And when you look into the mirror you see a brilliant successful 746115050-blueprint-construction-engineer-architect-profession-safety-helmetman wearing a tired, wrinkled suit of failure. Neatly pressed apparels add class to even beggars when they wear them. Imagine what they would do to you. Now the question that arises here is how and when are you going to iron your suits because you are so busy that you couldn’t fetch yourself a glass of water. Neither could you have the presser press them for you because then you would have to drop them off at the presser’s shop and pick them up perhaps every day, week or fortnight and you cannot afford to lose your precious time on giving pick and drop to your suits.

Garment Steamer: The Ultimate Solution

Ironing clothes was never easy and never will be. Not only is it time-consuming but also back-tiring. On the other hand, garment steamers are so much easier you simply have to hold the device and run it up and down while it kills those creases and wrinkles like a pro.

Also, by using the garment steamers instead of an iron you eradicate all your accidental chances of scorching your favorite shirts or pants and burning your hands or arms. Tattoos are cool only when they’re black or any other color.

The garment steamer may be the ultimate solution to your problems but you must know which garments it must be used upon and which ones must be avoided. Always read the labels. If a garment’s label says dry-clean only. Do not steam it using your garment steamer. Abort mission garment steaming there and then as steaming could damage the fabric.

Fabrics you can use garment steamer on

A Garment steamer can be used on clothes such as jackets, jeans, dress pants, and suits, dress shirts etc to smooth the creases or wrinkles. The fabric streamer suit your needs.

Other than your clothes the garment steamer can also be used on bedding to even the wrinkles, and heavy quilts to freshen them up. It can also be used on comforters.

Steamers are also considered ideal for curtains and drapes. Drapes are heavy and aren’t something you clean and iron every other day but they can be steamed where they are hanging.

Garment steamers are also used on mattresses to freshen them up and it is believed that steam kills dust mites.

And an added point, you can always use it on your car’s seats to get them cleaned and a neat look.


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Why Photography is also considered an art

The debate persists century after century. Can photography really be considered an art form and why? Many opines that photography fits neither as a science nor as an art. The debate against photography as an art is further heightened by mobile technology which currently ensures that almost each person owns a camera on their phone then saving it on their laptop for better storage: here are some laptop reviews. The ease of snapping, viewing and sharing the picture negatively impacts photography’s case as an art. The quality of camera technology used to take a photograph also impacts its consideration as an art. Nonetheless, the auction of professional photographs for millions of dollars these days indicates the audiences’ appreciation of photography as an art. The debate may continue endlessly. However, there is more than one reason photography is also considered an art.


  • Inspiration

Fine art inspired the creation of photography. Early photographers mimicked and adapted the subjects of fine artists or painters. Like the artists, they photographed landscapes, nudes, portraits and still life. The modern photographers emulate their photography predecessors and focus their photography on similar subjects like landscapes, wildlife, nudes and still life. Before a photographer even presses his shutter, the influence of art is already evident in his composition.

  • Thought and Creativity

The existence of snapshots, instant photos, and their massive reproduction cannot degrade the quality of professional photographs hanging in galleries across the world. There exists a clear difference between a photograph posted on Facebook and one hanging in a gallery. Photographers put a lot of thought and creativity in their professional photographs. The final product displayed in a gallery shows a clear relationship between the subject and the photographer or artist. The lighting, subject composition, angle and other components in the photograph show that the photographer spent time thinking and creating the photo. The photographs are different from a “selfie” shared on twitter. Therefore, photography should not lose its place as an art due to the availability of technology.

  • The Camera as the Artist’s Pen

Most arguments consider a camera as a scientific or technical tool. However, it is the photographer’s equivalent of an artist’s pen. The landscapes and portraits drawn by an artist have many similarities with the portraits and landscapes in photographs. The main difference is that a camera produces an image with more accuracy compared to a pen[www.shutterfeet.com/the-canon-t5i-vs-t6i]. Ori Gresh freezes flowers with liquid nitrogen, blows them up and photographs the flying metal debris. He uses a camera as his tool to interpret the reality. A painter could do the same with his paint brush although it would not be as accurate.

  • Professional vs. Amateur

An amateur photographer can produce a photograph of decent quality. However, an amateur artist cannot produce high-quality paintings or portraits. These facts do not necessarily mean that photography is not an art. Art interprets reality through the artist’s mind. When audiences look at the portrait they try to understand the artist’s point of view. Audiences find both paintings and photographs at galleries and auction appealing. They appreciate them with different reactions, opinions, and comments. The work of amateurs does not affect the audiences’ appreciation for both art forms. Therefore, photography is indeed an art.




Preserving Antique Furniture


You would want to preserve a valuable item of antique furniture, especially if it is being passed down by the past generations of your family. They possess intricate carvings, vintage materials, and sophisticated designs, so it’s just right to do your best preserving them.


Like humans, antique furniture can also be vulnerable to UV or ultraviolet rays from the sun. It speeds up its degradation, whether it is made from wood or fabric. Therefore, avoid putting items where direct sunlight can hit them. If it is near big windows, make sure to install shades or curtains to block the light.

Another tip, do not put them near heating and air-conditioning vents, fireplaces, stoves, and the like. It has been proven to cause shrinking, resulting in loosening glued joints, inlays, marquetry, and veneers.

You may not know that your antique furniture can also get damaged with a high amount of air moisture. If you have wooden pieces, humidity may cause the wood to expand and contract, resulting in loosening glued joints, and stuck drawers, and doors. And if you do not solve this problem as soon as possible, it will result in the development of mold and the infestation of rot and insects in the furniture. An effective way to solve this problem is to use a humidifier or dehumidifier to control the humidity and the effects of moisture to your furniture.

Insects and Pests

Whatever type of antique furniture you have—wood, leather, fabric, or upholstery, none of them are exempted from being an attraction to insects and small pests.

One of the worst enemies of antique wood furniture is Powderpost beetles and termites which leave holes in the items and saw dust and below them. You should consult and exterminator immediately before it affects the whole furniture and the other antique items that you’ve probably placed near it.

Cockroaches can also cause damages to the finish of the furniture since they feed on the increase of body oils, dirt, and grease on the surfaces. They can also affect the insides with their feces.

Cleaning and Polishing

Moisture does affect an antique furniture, however, there is also a condition where an item can also lack from it. Therefore, avoid storing them in hot dry areas, like your home’s attic.

Also, avoid using oils to improve the appearance of your time, since they speed up the degradation of the finish. Instead, use a quality-made paste wax, which doesn’t just protect your furniture from moisture, but also to dust build up.

Handling and Moving

Before moving your vintage furniture, check for loosening or damaged joints. Whether small or big, you should never drag your valuable furniture across the floor. Also, if the items have shelves, doors, and drawers, it is best to remove them before moving them.


The finish of a vintage furniture is also as valuable as the item itself. Constant stripping and refinishing can also remove the original coating as well. Before using a table saw, make sure to consult an expert first.


A Day in the Life of an Architect


Have you ever wondered how does an Architect work? I mean, we do know what they do (I guess), but have you ever seen them in action? The simple answer is, quite many, proven by this blogger who shared one of his many days as an architect.

6:00 AM. He wakes up to another day, groaning and wishing he doesn’t have to work, but it instantly goes away as he takes his morning shower.

6:50 AM. As soon as he arrives in the office, he immediately reviews a proposal for his latest project that needs a quick turn-around. He already met with the clients the other day, requesting the proposal to be done in the middle of this day.

8:15 AM. For a client meeting the next day, he prepares sketch plans for presentation. The different schemes are near to its completeness, leaving him and the Sharpie pens to put them together.

8:45 AM. As an architect, preparing the meeting minutes is the most exciting part. It is very important to prepare a record of the discussions and decisions and to assign action items.

Rest of the Hours – Endless Phone Calls

10:00 AM. He meets with his partners, reviewing the plans and the preliminary estimate of the budget for the next project.

Rest of the Minutes – MORE PHONE CALLS

11:30 AM. Not exactly having lunch, since he has some errands to finish quickly.

12:00 NN. Finishes doing the errands drives with his motorbike to a Glasshouse for a window/door unit.

1:00 PM. Another meeting, but takes part at the client’s office. They discuss things related to their IT, Security or Phone provider. It wasn’t exactly his responsibility, but of course, customer service should always come first.

3:15 PM. The client meeting ends surprisingly quick, having a lot of time to do things for himself. He decides to keep driving his motorcycle, using a motorbike navigation system for sightseeing. Comes back to the office after a few minutes, tries to figure out a few stair details. (Despite what other people think, they’re very complicated). Planning ahead and having GPS ready should be done so that he won’t be surprised with limited options.

5:00 PM. Leaves the office, goes to wife’s office nearby to change to a car, and picks up daughter from school.

6:02 PM. With the proposal reviewed in the morning, the Company president contacts him at home while helping his daughter with her homework. It is a call from an unknown number, but he feels a hunch it was important. The President inquires him with the proposal he just submitted early morning. He decides to keep the firm for the project, informing them that they can work on it as soon as possible.

Rest of the Night – 11:00 PM. He does things that are non-architect related.

It seems that it can be proven that not all architects spend 24/7 with their work, especially the ones with other priorities, such as families, children, and etc.

How about you? What’s your day like as someone else?

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Selecting a Good Flushing Toilet for Your Home

home toi

How many times does your family use your toilet? Thrice? Five times? Maybe more than ten? But do you know how much water it uses every time you flush? According to the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, the latest ordinary toilet uses around 1.6 gallons of water for each flush. However, older units waste 3.5 – 7 gallons of water per flush.

If you have a big family, an old unit of a flushing toilet can be a problem for your electric bill. So if you want to save on water, it’s a great choice to use the eco-friendly toilet. Here are some few things to consider for the best unit for your family. After all, as a parent, being meticulous when selecting an ecofriendly toilet for your children is a very important responsibility.

Water Usage

eco-friendly, also known as a low-flush toilet can use around 1.28 gallons of water, to as little as 0.8 gallons for every flush. There are units which have more than one flushing option for both solid and liquid waste.

Flush Type

Not all people know, but there are several types of flushing mechanism for each toilet. There are some units that are equipped with a wide variety of bowl-rinsing actions. Other flush systems include vacuum assisted, ,  double cyclone, and gravity aided.

Other Features

No matter how many times you tell your kids, no, they are never gentle when putting the lid down after using the toilet. If you are tired of constantly hearing it slamming down, you can find an eco-friendly unit that is equipped with a soft clothing seat (and even lid).

Find for units which are labeled as high efficiency flushing toilets. These types will provide you with the best water and financial reduction. Added to that, in other parts of the country, a significant amount of rebates is available for customers who use these kinds of toilet units.

Another thing you should look is the WaterSense label provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. These units with this label were tested by individual labs to ensure that they do not use more than 1.28 gallons of water for every flush. Also, they are also tested for their capacity to clear waste effectively.

The eco-friendly toilet doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are great toilets out there that are affordable. Wasting more money for a toilet unit doesn’t always give you the best flushing mechanism. Although, you may have a better looking model (which is important if you have a modern looking toilet room).

What kind of eco-friendly toilet should you use?

Dual Flush toilets are the current type of toilet in many parts of the world. It is one of the most important types since it provides two types of flushes.

Composting toilets are one of the most eco-friendly since it uses little to no water. They’re very easy to maintain and amazingly efficient.


Playing Ping Pong in the Family Room


pingpong famWhy should you waste your time constantly calling table tennis houses to reserve a table tennis table for your family, if you can have your own table tennis court at home? The worst part is, you’ll probably have a limited time, ending the game to soon when you’re already enjoying it.


What Are the Basic Equipment for Table Tennis?

Table Tennis Paddle. Your first priority is selecting a table tennis paddle to have a good game. You don’t want to use the palm and back of your hand to be an alternative to a decent ping pong paddle. Members of your family can have their own table tennis racket, or you can buy 2 pairs, which is the maximum number of paddles you can use in one packed game of ping pong.

Ping-pong Balls. You can buy packs of ping-pong balls from almost any sports store. There are different “grades” of balls, the cheapest ones are the 0 and 1 balls which are typically used for training. On the other hand, the 2 and 3 star balls have higher quality and obviously more expensive than the first two grades.

Table Tennis Table. You may try to make your own table tennis. But if you want to save yourself from all that time constructing one, then you can choose from the following table tennis tables. They’re currently the ones with the most positive feedbacks online.

  1. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

From its name alone, the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table is only suitable for using indoors. This equipment is made out of a 14.70 cm wood composite-made surface, along with 3.81 cm diameter steel legs and an undercarriage powder coating to protect it from rusting. The top doesn’t have a regulation thickness, but the product is still worthy with the 500-dollar price tag.

20 minutes, give or take, is the only amount of time you’ll need to assemble this equipment. You don’t have to worry if you’ll going to do it alone, since it weighs only 137 pounds. For a convenient storage, the table can be easily separated into two parts, increasing the room’s space. And to prevent from accidental separation, the table tennis has a dual safety locking mechanism.

  1. Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table

You don’t have to worry yourself trying to figure out how to assemble a ping-pong table because the Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table can be used straight out of the box. Made from high-quality parts, such as sturdy steel legs, steel support apron, and a black wood table top, you can also use it outside—especially if you don’t have enough room space indoors. For your active and energetic children, the corners are padded to avoid any injuries from the sharpness.


  1. Stiga STS 420 Table Tennis Table

Stiga has been proven to provide quality-made products, so I wouldn’t be surprised if another one of their products land on our list. However, the STS 420 table tennis table is a tournament level item. So incase if you have a family of professional table tennis players, we wouldn’t recommend you buying this table. For a price lower than a thousand bucks, you’ll benefit from its endless features, including the self-opening legs. The table also provides storage for additional ping-pong balls.


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3 Responsibilities of Architects


Every architect has experienced that long pause after answering a question of “What do you work as?” And instead of getting questions like “Do you make a lot of money? You must be really talented and extremely artistic?” they tend to confirm if you really do design buildings. This is just one of the most common mistakes about what Architects really do. To help you understand this profession, here are their three main responsibilities.


Architects do not work independently, and instead, they do it with their clients. Prior to creating any steps like drafting plans, they have a face-to-face with their clients. Also, it doesn’t just happen once, they have client meetings to properly understand their client’s main goals, budget, and any other particular for their future project. Architects also work with other professionals that can be related to their project, including engineers, town planner, landscape architects, construction reps. And interior designers. Because they have to handle with clients and other professionals, an architect must possess excellent and written communication skills.


The most essential responsibilities of an architect’s daily routine include the designing, planning, and developing. There are articles that might be needed to produce pre-designed figures. Some good and common figures include an environmental impact, feasibility study, cost analysis, and land-use research. As a guide for architects, they make final construction plans so they have an idea on how will the details and appearance work out, such as the plumbing, heating, electrical, and etc.


All architects have also the responsibility to adhere building codes, zoning regulations, and city ordinances when producing their plans. Especially when making plans for public buildings, they must know the disabled access laws. Laws change on a regular basis, and these ones are no exception. Therefore, architects must be aware of the latest updates when it comes to energy-efficient items and building styles. Added to that, they also have to make sure that the design complements the current building structures in the area. There are states in the US that need architects to sign up for education courses to maintain their license, other states might need them to attend to seminars, workshops, and certain conferences.

What are the requirements to be in Architect?

Almost all states in the US must have a degree authorized by the NAABS. And all though it is not needed in some states, candidates are urged to look for an educational program provided by an accredited technical college or university.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost all architects of a 5-year bachelor’s degree in architecture. Added to that, they are also required to have 3 extra years of experience prior to the licensing exam, which is required in all states, excluding Columbia. For a candidate to be able to take the exam, he or she must hold a professional degree, produce a period of professional training, and lastly pass every part of the Architect Registration Exam.