Best Home grilled foods for architect

Even architects need to eat and we’re sure that they’ve built an appetite. Today we look at some of the best home grilled foods for architects because who would want to leave their beautiful kitchen? As we know grilled foods are better for you and if done right they taste great. Try out different methods of grilling- there are dozen of models available here and they each provide a helps regulate the temperature and different texture (taste depending on the heat usage) .

Braised Rack of Ribs/ Hollow Grill Smokers

Doesn’t underestimate the beautiful look of a juicy, seasoned rack of ribs complete with fresh, in-season vegetables. Take the time to braise the ribs for hours so that when it’s finally time to dig in the meat slides right off the bone. Despite popular belief, a smoker is actually a great way to grill foods if you’re using it similarly to a barbecue. You’ll get that restaurant flavor and feel if you’re willing to take the time to slow cook and allow all of the flavors to come to the forefront.

Grilled Chicken/ Charcoal Barbecue

Who doesn’t love the look of grill marks? They’re so popular that even fast food chains try to imitate them. Why settle for fast when you can get the real thing at home- and it will taste so much better. You can go with a classic chicken leg and let the moisture seep into the seasoned skin or test out high-quality chicken breast meat for that classic grill mark look. Complete your meal with a side salad of your choice and if you’re feeling up to it try the salad and chicken in a wrap.

Pancakes/ Griddle

Who says grilling has to be just for the great outdoors and include only dinner foods? Pick up a high-quality griddle and grill from the comfort of your home. Wake up with your family or loved on and make pancakes on a Sunday morning – you can try out a mix from scratch or purchase a box where you just add water. Be sure to top this breakfast treat with fruit, sauce and other fun toppings like sprinkles and chocolate chips of your choice.

Teriyaki Tofu/ Electric Grill

The world is looking at more flavorful options for meat substitutes and tofu is the perfect base to try. Flavor it with a store bought or homemade teriyaki sauce and grill it at home for more flavor. The same as grilled chicken you can try it in a wrap or choose a unique salad as your side. Unique flavor combinations such as salads that include fruit are always a great option to have beside grilled tofu- try strawberry, apricot or pineapple.

The options are endless for grilled foods that you can enjoy at home. Take the time to find your perfect grilling device and then mix and match your favorite food for a blend of flavors and presentation that you can enjoy at home whether alone, with family or with dinner guests. These here, are just some of the best home grilled foods for architects and with the perfect setting, food and dining experience we have confidence that you’ll make the very best out of all of your meals.

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