Architect’s love styling the toilet Rooms

Toilet rooms are becoming a modern trend and as the title suggests, many professional architects have developed an interest in and a preference for designing toilet rooms. Today, many architects are also vexed by the placement of a toilet next to the sink, even in the most expensive, custom designed bathrooms.

People have grown accustomed to the arrangement of the sink and toilet being side by side, because that is how they are placed in most traditional homes. Many homeowners feel that it is more cost-effective to have a single, common wet wall, but that is not the case. d7607b5e5c057675d41ec94338bb238d

Why Are Toilet Rooms Gaining Popularity?

Homeowners may not realize or think about it, but toilets next to the sink can hog up a lot of space, especially if it is meant to accommodate any full-grown men in the house. These days, people prefer toilets with elongated bowls so that the men in the house may have more room at the front.

Thus, incorporating a toilet room in a bathroom can actually enhance and improve its layout. This room can actually be designed even if there is less space. As long you have an appropriate idea about the flush toilet to choose, this room can feel and look considerably more spacious than it actually is.

With this layout, the toilet paper can be placed on the right hand side so that it can be comfortably reached. Furthermore, space that is occupied a toilet next to the sink can be taken up by cabinets and countertops that offer extra storage capacity.

Having a separate toilet room inside the bathroom also has its advantages for those who have a partner and/or children. No one has to worry about their shower getting interrupted if someone else needs to go to the loo. Having a separate room with the toilet in it is also a matter of separating everything that a person does while seated on it from the rest of the bathroom.

What Toilet Should You Install Inside A Toilet Room?

If you are still wondering about the flush toilet to choose and you also want to lower your water usage, some very efficient options worth considering include blowout-type water closets and flush-valve technology. These toilets do not have a tank since they do not rely on gravity water flow to clean the toilet, rather they utilize water pressure.

Today, flush valve toilets even include innovative self-contained automatic flush control,which flush automatically by sensing when the user has gotten off the toilet bowl. There are also dual flush toilets that use no more than one gallon of water.
Another option for toilet rooms is to install bidet seats that store water within an internal reservoir or tank and heat up with these tankless water heaters. These toilet systems heat the stored water to the user’s desired temperature setting.


To many, having a separate toilet room inside a bathroom may seem like a matter of personal preferences. However, those who have read the above will likely realize why architects have not only grown fond of designing these toilet rooms, but even advise their clients to upgrade their bathroom to include one.

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