Types of Architects

Human hand leading pencil on sketch
Human hand leading pencil on sketch

Nope, not all architects build houses. In fact, there are different types of them that specialize in different structures. Therefore if you ever meet an architect, make sure to ask him/her about what kind of architect he/she is before assuming the person you’re talking to is actually designing houses for future homeowners.


A landscape architect specializes in areas outdoors. He/she focuses on designing parks, gardens, lawns, even the area surrounding a college building, and other public hotspots. Aside from public areas, a landscape architect can also be hired by a private client such as a homeowner or a private property to produce a design for an attractive outdoor area. A landscape architect can be the responsible for the design of a golf course near your area.

Although landscape architects focus on outdoor areas, it doesn’t mean they don’t build structures. For example, a homeowner might want them to design a beautiful gazebo to complement the outdoor look. Compared to other types, a landscape architect focuses more on living materials, which is the reason why he/she should understand horticulture, integrating living growth in a setting.


Most residential architects turn almost all of their efforts to construct appealing private properties for homeowners.

A residential architect works with their private clients so they can help them design the house they’ve always wanted. Added to that, he or she should be aware of all of the building codes, and applicable neighborhood agreements. The property you’ll be designing must also observe local regulations, and also achieve the form and function of an appealing and attractive home environment for your customer.


This type of architect specializes in larger projects for businesses or government agencies, constructing public buildings like shopping malls, spacious libraries, functional government facilities, and etc. A commercial or public architect can also be responsible for some of the most famous public structures in your vicinity. Added to that, he/she doesn’t just make sure the structure is pleasant looking, but he/she also have to ensure that it can be functional and practical for the public to be able to use it. For example, a public architect provides detailed plans for a train station that are researched and thought properly, to provide smooth and uninterrupted services, even during peak hours.


Before, we didn’t have structures that could accommodate to the huge number of people lining for a bank, machines bigger than a normal house, and countless produced products that could go to waste if not housed properly. Thanks to Industrial architects, several industries can satisfy the needs of their activities. There are many types of structures they provide designs. Some of which includes roads, tunnels, air transportation, storage facilities, mines, factories, food processing plants and etc.

Although, if you’re interested in doing industrial projects, it’s better if you consider civil engineering as your major, instead of industrial architecture. Although there are architectural elements that can be found in industrial projects, but civil engineers are way more complex when it comes to designing.