A Day in the Life of an Architect


Have you ever wondered how does an Architect work? I mean, we do know what they do (I guess), but have you ever seen them in action? The simple answer is, quite many, proven by this blogger who shared one of his many days as an architect.

6:00 AM. He wakes up to another day, groaning and wishing he doesn’t have to work, but it instantly goes away as he takes his morning shower.

6:50 AM. As soon as he arrives in the office, he immediately reviews a proposal for his latest project that needs a quick turn-around. He already met with the clients the other day, requesting the proposal to be done in the middle of this day.

8:15 AM. For a client meeting the next day, he prepares sketch plans for presentation. The different schemes are near to its completeness, leaving him and the Sharpie pens to put them together.

8:45 AM. As an architect, preparing the meeting minutes is the most exciting part. It is very important to prepare a record of the discussions and decisions and to assign action items.

Rest of the Hours – Endless Phone Calls

10:00 AM. He meets with his partners, reviewing the plans and the preliminary estimate of the budget for the next project.

Rest of the Minutes – MORE PHONE CALLS

11:30 AM. Not exactly having lunch, since he has some errands to finish quickly.

12:00 NN. Finishes doing the errands drives with his motorbike to a Glasshouse for a window/door unit.

1:00 PM. Another meeting, but takes part at the client’s office. They discuss things related to their IT, Security or Phone provider. It wasn’t exactly his responsibility, but of course, customer service should always come first.

3:15 PM. The client meeting ends surprisingly quick, having a lot of time to do things for himself. He decides to keep driving his motorcycle, using a motorbike navigation system for sightseeing. Comes back to the office after a few minutes, tries to figure out a few stair details. (Despite what other people think, they’re very complicated). Planning ahead and having GPS ready should be done so that he won’t be surprised with limited options.

5:00 PM. Leaves the office, goes to wife’s office nearby to change to a car, and picks up daughter from school.

6:02 PM. With the proposal reviewed in the morning, the Company president contacts him at home while helping his daughter with her homework. It is a call from an unknown number, but he feels a hunch it was important. The President inquires him with the proposal he just submitted early morning. He decides to keep the firm for the project, informing them that they can work on it as soon as possible.

Rest of the Night – 11:00 PM. He does things that are non-architect related.

It seems that it can be proven that not all architects spend 24/7 with their work, especially the ones with other priorities, such as families, children, and etc.

How about you? What’s your day like as someone else?