Playing Ping Pong in the Family Room


pingpong famWhy should you waste your time constantly calling table tennis houses to reserve a table tennis table for your family, if you can have your own table tennis court at home? The worst part is, you’ll probably have a limited time, ending the game to soon when you’re already enjoying it.


What Are the Basic Equipment for Table Tennis?

Table Tennis Paddle. Your first priority is selecting a table tennis paddle (bestpingpongtables.review/paddle) to have a good game. You don’t want to use the palm and back of your hand to be an alternative to a decent ping pong paddle. Members of your family can have their own table tennis racket, or you can buy 2 pairs, which is the maximum number of paddles you can use in one packed game of ping pong.

Ping-pong Balls. You can buy packs of ping-pong balls from almost any sports store. There are different “grades” of balls, the cheapest ones are the 0 and 1 balls which are typically used for training. On the other hand, the 2 and 3 star balls have higher quality and obviously more expensive than the first two grades.

Table Tennis Table. You may try to make your own table tennis. But if you want to save yourself from all that time constructing one, then you can choose from the following table tennis tables(bestpingpongtables.review). They’re currently the ones with the most positive feedbacks online.

  1. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

From its name alone, the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table is only suitable for using indoors. This equipment is made out of a 14.70 cm wood composite-made surface, along with 3.81 cm diameter steel legs and an undercarriage powder coating to protect it from rusting. The top doesn’t have a regulation thickness, but the product is still worthy with the 500-dollar price tag.

20 minutes, give or take, is the only amount of time you’ll need to assemble this equipment. You don’t have to worry if you’ll going to do it alone, since it weighs only 137 pounds. For a convenient storage, the table can be easily separated into two parts, increasing the room’s space. And to prevent from accidental separation, the table tennis has a dual safety locking mechanism.

  1. Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table

You don’t have to worry yourself trying to figure out how to assemble a ping-pong table because the Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table can be used straight out of the box. Made from high-quality parts, such as sturdy steel legs, steel support apron, and a black wood table top, you can also use it outside—especially if you don’t have enough room space indoors. For your active and energetic children, the corners are padded to avoid any injuries from the sharpness.


  1. Stiga STS 420 Table Tennis Table

Stiga has been proven to provide quality-made products, so I wouldn’t be surprised if another one of their products land on our list. However, the STS 420 table tennis table is a tournament level item. So incase if you have a family of professional table tennis players, we wouldn’t recommend you buying this table. For a price lower than a thousand bucks, you’ll benefit from its endless features, including the self-opening legs. The table also provides storage for additional ping-pong balls.